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Why get a roof inspection?

Roofing inspections are often overlooked by potential buyers because they don’t want to come across as the difficult buyer. But if you purchase a home and later find out that it has an issue with its roof, your future costs will be much higher than what would have been spent on inspection services!

We have certified roof inspectors who can inspect any area of concern in detail before purchasing a property so there’s no surprises after closing. Our goal is not only protecting our clients from expensive problems but also providing them accurate information about their homes which increases their chance of selling or renting quickly for top dollar rates.

Rooftop inspection is also common after storm events in order to assess the severity of any structural or other issues which may have been caused during that event, as well as how much future work will be necessary in those areas where there was severe hurricane damage. If you need help assessing if this type of service would benefit you or not please contact our office at (207) 555-1234.

Experienced Roof Inspectors in Puget Sound, WA

With an experienced inspector like Top Line Roofing and Construction, you can expect a complete and thorough inspection of your roof.

We inspect for signs such as curling shingles which could be brought about by wear or wind damage, broken nails that are likely due to pressure from storms or high winds, cracks in pipe flashing caused by ice damming where water has accumulated under the ridge cap. We also check ventilation quality to make sure moisture is not trapped between layers with nowhere to go but down into your home’s interior walls! We also look out for proper installation including drip edges or any other spot on the structure susceptible to leaks.